Belnet Service Desk

Contractual contact persons can contact the Belnet Service Desk via: 

When can you contact the Belnet Service Desk? 

Incidents – 24/7 

You can contact the Belnet Service Desk 24/7 by phone for: 

  • Disruption of your Belnet connectivity 
  • Disruption of Belnet services. 

Please note that when reporting an incident by mail, this will only be picked up the next business day. 

All questions - working days (9h00 - 17h00) 

During working hours you can contact us for: 

  • Installations, upgrades or other changes to your connection and other related services that have no impact on your connectivity. 
  • Administrative changes 
  • All commercial questions 
  • Technical questions regarding the Belnet network. These questions have no impact on your connectivity.
  •  Technical questions or remarks regarding the use of Belnet services, for which there is no impact on the services you already use. 

Some pointers 

  • Certainly keep your acronym and/or your ticket number close by. 
  • We advise you to send your mails in plain text. We also ask you to use a short subject in your mail. This way we will be able to treat your request efficiently. 
  • We might not be able to process large files sent to us via mail. Organisations that are a member of the Belnet R&E Federation can send these huge files via FileSender.  
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