Belnet DataCite Consortium

The advantages of the DataCite service at a very attractive price

Become a member of the Belnet DataCite Consortium set up by Belnet and enjoy the benefits of search engine optimisation while making substantial savings. Enable your researchers to efficiently record and reference all their research data to participate in the development of open science in Belgium and worldwide.

Do your researchers need to reference their data and results so that they are accessible, identifiable, connected and reusable for the advancement of research in Belgium and worldwide? More generally, would your R&E organisation like more credit and recognition for all its research? Become a member of the Belnet DataCite Consortium and enjoy the advantages of DataCite at a very attractive price.

DOI numbers to identify, locate and cite your research data more easily

Aimed at research and educational institutions in Belgium, the Belnet DataCite Consortium enables your researchers to register their research data by assigning it DOI (Digital Object Identifier) numbers. These unique, permanent numbers make it easy to find all references to articles, software, results publications, research publications, grey literature and conference proceedings, thanks to (open) metadata. They help to identify, locate and quote all this data efficiently.


Cost savings

Becoming a member of the Consortium means substantial savings on the cost of your annual membership. It will cost you much less than registering directly with DataCite.


Being part of DataCite allows you to streamline implementation to ensure compliance and follow best practice. Furthermore, it improves interoperability with other organisations and efficiently connects results.


DataCite is committed to good governance within its community so that every piece of metadata is an open, transparent and trusted source.

Open Science

As with DataCite, members of the Belnet DataCite Consortium share a common interest, namely participating in the development of open science.

Did you know?

DataCite is a not-for-profit organisation, recognised around the world as an active member of the International DOI Foundation (IDF) and the RA registration agency for DOI names. Founded in 2009 on the principle of an open-source community, it now brings together over 3,000 custodians and 1,337 organisations in 52 countries around the world. As a member, you can take part in and contribute to the development of DataCite and, for example, join the discussions in the DataCite section of the PID Forum.

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