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28 Nov. 2023

Belnet's Scalability Improvement Project: a step-by-step upgrade to faster and more efficient connectivity

Belnet has a long-running Scalability Improvement Project, aimed at strengthening the core of the Belnet network and improving connectivity. Recently, significant steps have been taken, including the upgrade of routers and the migration of some Points of Presence (PoPs).
24 Nov. 2023

A day in the life of … a security analyst at Belnet

In the dynamic world of cybersecurity, each day presents a new set of challenges. Are you curious about what the job of a security analyst at Belnet entails? Our colleague Benjamin Baugnies gives you a glimpse into his daily routine, showcasing the variation in his work, the collaboration involved, and the commitment to securing our infrastructure.
23 Nov. 2023

Colleague Joy enthusiastic about her onboarding at Belnet

After three months, we were curious to know how our colleague Joy has since worked her way through her new job at Belnet. We talked to her to find out how she felt on her first day at work, what her job entails in concrete terms and what she would recommend to future applicants. Curious about her first impressions and experiences? Then be sure to read on!

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Some key figures

Belnet has 250 customer organizations and 829.151 end users :


Customer organizations

86 in the Research sector

74 in the Education sector

90 in the public sector


R&E end users

90.303 for the Research sector

563.333 for the Education sector


End users

for the public sector

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