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Mon, 02/11/2019 - 11:38

Present your project at an international conference for IT specialists

Are you studying IT at a Belgian university or college? If so, Belnet is offering you the chance to participate as a speaker at the TNC19. This conference will take place from 16 to 20 June in Tallinn and is organised by the European research network GÉANT. The TNC will bring together hundreds of IT specialists from the academic and industrial world.

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GÉANT has developed a special programme to provide young talent with the chance to put their ideas forward during a ‘lightning talk’ at the TNC. All IT/networking topics qualify. You can highlight a technical, economic, legal, or security aspect of IT.


To participate, you must meet several conditions:

  • You are committed to participating in the preparatory events (webinars and workshops) organised by GÉANT
  • You can make time to attend the TNC, should your idea be selected
  • You have good English-language skills


Send us your application by 28 February 2019. Once you have sent us all the details for your idea or (research) project, we will submit your profile to GÉANT. 

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