Attempted phishing: fraudulent use of the Belnet logo


Fri, 08/02/2019 - 15:41

This web page is in the form of a contest to win a smartphone by answering a few questions. The website abuses the Belnet logo. It is highly recommended to click on none of the links mentioned on this page.

Several customers informed us that this page appeared in their web browser (Google Chrome).

This page is not in any way related to Belnet. We consider this to be a phishing attempt and have contacted the relevant authorities.

To guard against phishing attempts, we invite you to re-read our article written as part of the Cybersecurity Coalition's 2019 anti-phishing campaign.

If you are redirected to a fraudulent web page, report it immediately to Servicedesk Belnet: 02 790 33 00 or
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