Several Belnet customers are impacted by the revocation of EV certificates from the TERENA SSL High Assurance CA 3 by Saturday 11 July at 8 pm. All of them have been contacted by email. The problem concerns all currently valid EV certificates issued under the DigiCert contract. Our impacted customers can find more information on our status page.

Belnet Cloud offering changes course

By the end of the year, we will no longer offer the Belnet Cloud Computing service. We support current users in their efforts to find the alternative that best meets their needs.

This alternative is found in particular in GÉANT Cloud Solutions that you can access as an institution connected to the Belnet network.

In fact, you can benefit from the services of Cloud Computing providers included in the GÉANT IaaS tender on advantageous terms. You can also benefit from preferential offers negotiated by GÉANT on behalf of the entire NREN community of which Belnet is a part and which allow you to benefit from attractive discounts.

Discover the GÉANT Cloud Solutions offer

Would you have a look at the Cloud providers included in the catalog?

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