Several Belnet customers are impacted by the revocation of EV certificates from the TERENA SSL High Assurance CA 3 by Saturday 11 July at 8 pm. All of them have been contacted by email. The problem concerns all currently valid EV certificates issued under the DigiCert contract. Our impacted customers can find more information on our status page.

Belnet moves to WTC III

Since March 18th, the new Belnet offices are located just a few steps from Brussels North Station, on the 25th and 26th floors of the WTC III building.

Fully equipped according to the "new way of working" principles, the new offices offer a more dynamic working environment, more appropriate spaces for each task and are adapted to the growth of our organization.

Where to send your mail or visit us from now?

Here is our new address:

Simon Bolivarlaan 30 Boulevard Simon Bolivar
1000 Brussels

You will still be able to reach us with the same phone numbers and e-mail addresses as before.

View of building WTC III with some passers.

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