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Marc Gérard

Content Developer @ Belnet
Wed, 09/21/2022 - 09:35

On 9 September, our Belnet Storage service was migrated to an even more advanced cloud storage solution. A new interface and new features are now available to meet your data storage needs.

Do you need a solution to back up a very large amount of data? Are you looking for a better way than the traditional on-demand cloud solutions to perform regular backups of large storage volumes? Or a storage solution for keeping temporary data that has already been processed, such as emails?

However you use it, Belnet Storage has recently been upgraded so it better meets your requirements in terms of capacity needs, volume types (NFS, iSCSI, and S3) and price.

New functionalities

Our Belnet Storage service has allowed you to enjoy the neutral and secure infrastructure of the Belnet network for six years now. Your data is hosted in Belgium in a private cloud solution with triple redundancy.

In addition to the neutrality of this service, your data is stored in three data centres based in Belgium. If one of the three goes down, the other two take over to give you enhanced security for your data. New features have recently been added in addition to this triple redundancy:

A redesigned interface

The ergonomics and look of the user interface have recently been improved to allow you to naturally manage all your volumes. By clicking on "Add Volume", for example, you can select your volume type in just a few seconds.

You can also have a complete view of all your volumes and edit, duplicate or delete them in a few clicks.

new Belnet Storage interface

Create snapshots of your volumes

The snapshot function allows you to make a copy of your disks. You can then return to this snapshot later, if necessary. For example, this feature is perfect for avoiding data loss in the event of an important update. A snapshot is charged in the same way as traditional storage volumes.

S3 storage for greater storage flexibility

In addition to NFS (file-based storage) and iSCSI (block-based storage), Belnet Storage now also offers S3 or Object Storage. Object Storage is the solution of choice if you are looking for very high availability and flexibility.

A price with many benefits

For Belnet Storage, you are charged only for the capacity used. So, unlike the offers available from other 'big' providers, you don't pay extra for bandwidth or for PUT and GET requests. Depending on your usage, this price difference could amount to significant savings for your organisation.

For each client organisation, we provide you with a possible storage quota. Whether for 1 TB or 10 TB, we would be happy to advise you on how much storage you need.

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