EDUbox Cybersecurity: digital protection as good practice

Davina Luyten

Communications Officer @ Belnet
Wed, 03/15/2023 - 13:24

Are you looking for ready-to-use materials to make young people aware of the risks of the internet and better arm them against cybercrime? If so, EDUbox Cybersecurity recently became available to help you get started: a toolkit tailored to young people with an engaging mix of theory, interactive exercises and videos.

Our society is becoming increasingly digital, which brings many benefits, including for young people. They can no longer imagine life without social media, games, web shops, video calling, online banking and smart devices. But all these applications are also the playground of cybercriminals, who are after our data, money and property.

EDUbox Cybersecurity shows young people the risks and teaches them how to use digital tools correctly and responsibly. They are introduced to the tricks used by hackers and put themselves in the shoes of an ethical hacker to better recognise the weaknesses of certain systems and increase their digital security.

EDubox is aimed primarily at secondary school students but is also perfectly usable for first-year higher education students.

Here's what to expect

EDUbox Cybersecurity consists of 5 elements:

  • In Chapter 1, young people become aware of their own digital footprint and exactly what can be found out about them online.
  • In Chapter 2, young people learn to think like a hacker so they can outsmart them in the future.
  • In Chapter 3, young people get to work on their own and identify the shortcomings in a system. They are enlisted as ethical hackers in a fictional environment, strengthening their skills.
  • Chapter 4 follows a cybersecurity checklist and visits with people who have made cybersecurity their profession.
  • Finally, in Chapter 5 we link to additional materials on the topic, fully tailored to young people.

Getting started with EDUbox Cybersecurity

EDUbox Cybersecurity comes in three formats: a physical box, a downloadable pdf and an interactive website. It contains teaching materials in five elements that teachers can work through with their students in a maximum of two class hours.

Available in Dutch and French

EDUbox Cybersecurity is an initiative of the VRT in collaboration with Mediawijs, DNS Belgium, the Cyber Security Coalition, the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium, Digital for Youth, imec, B-Bico and Brightlab. The EDUbox is available in full in French. An adapted version in French of all the above formats has been created in cooperation with RTBF.

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