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Published on Mon, 10/12/2020 - 15:36

Are you looking for tools to strengthen the resilience of your organisation in the field of cyber security? The Cyber ​​Security Coalition, of which Belnet is a part, has several ready-to-use tools available on its website. All existing tools have been recently updated. You can also try a new tool: an online game on safe homeworking.

  • The 4 existing modules in the Cyber Security Kit on passwords, phishing, social engineering & GDPR. Each theme includes a short PowerPoint with a test and a screensaver/poster for your internal campaigns.
  • A new module on Safe Homeworking has been added in the Cyber Security Kit : very topical.
  • A Kahoot! game on Safe Homeworking : to be played in small teams. With this game you bring this security theme in a very accessible way to your organisation.
  • The Cyber Security Basics for Starting Organisations have been updated as well.

All tools are available for free in 3 languages ​​(English, Dutch and French).

Your feedback is important 

Have you recently used any of the Cyber ​​Security Coalition's tools or manuals? Then don't hesitate to pass on your feedback and suggestions through this short survey. In this way the tools can be continuously improved and expanded.

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