Optimization of Domain Name Registration through the addition of Anycast DNS

Rosy Pauwels

Marketing @ Belnet
Wed, 01/17/2024 - 10:01
Soon Belnet will add automatically Anycast DNS to its service Domain Name Registration.

What is Anycast DNS? 

Anycast DNS is a simple and highly effective way to ensure that users can always find your domain(s). Anycast DNS uses a group of servers with the same IP address spread across Europe, rather than one DNS server answering all DNS queries. 

How does Anycast DNS work? 

  1. Multiple DNS servers are set up in different geographical locations, each with the same IP address. 
  2. When a user makes a DNS query for a domain name, the query is sent to the nearest DNS server. 
  3. The DNS server receiving the query then replies with the IP address of the requested domain name. 
  4. The user's device then uses this IP address to connect to the server hosting the domain. 
  5. If the nearest DNS server is unavailable for any reason, the query is automatically forwarded to the nearest available DNS server. 

Advantages of Anycast DNS 

  • Redundancy 

Anycast allows your DNS information to be queried from multiple DNS name servers. If one instance fails, the system automatically redirects queries to the best available location and your services (e.g. website) remain operational. 

  • Faster response (lower latency) 

Because each DNS query is answered by the nearest available server, Anycast provides a better user experience. 

  • Better protection against DNS flood attacks 

Because with Anycast DNS the traffic is spread across several DNS resolvers, it is virtually impossible to overload them.

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