Belnet Storage

Belnet Storage, your secure tailor-made hosting in the cloud

With Belnet Storage, Belgian public sector, research and higher education store their data in our secure Cloud. Advantages include availability of data, reliable infrastructure, custom hosting.

You manage a large amount of data and want to store it on a reliable infrastructure? With Belnet Storage, your data is hosted in Belgium in a private Cloud solution within the Belnet network infrastructure.

Enhanced security with triple redundancy

Our infrastructure is triple redundant to ensure greater resilience and availability of our services. This enhanced security allows you to manage your data with complete peace of mind.

A snapshot system is also available as an option to allow you to replicate your volumes. Ideal for monthly backups of your volumes, storing your temporary data or keeping your old emails. If necessary, you can also restore a specific volume snapshot whenever you want.

A package adapted to your needs

Do you want to reduce your costs by paying only for the capacity you use without having to pay for additional connectivity? Depending on your needs, you can define precisely the volumes you want to create by choosing from 3 different types of volumes: iSCSI (block storage), NFS (File storage) or S3 (object storage). Only the capacity used of which will be charged to your invoice.

Why choose Belnet for your hosting in the Cloud?

A price based on your consumption

You only pay for what you use in terms of capacity. Belnet takes care of costs such as redundancy, bandwidth. Also, you don't pay for inbound and outbound traffic or for PUT and GET requests.

Triple redundancy

All your data is stored in Belgium at three different data centres at no extra cost. If one data centre goes down, the other two take over.


New interface

A new interface makes it is easy for you to manage your volumes (iSCSI, NFS or S3) according to your needs.



As a neutral partner, Belnet allows you to store your data in data centres located in Belgium.


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 We chose Belnet because it was already our internet service provider. What's more, we did not want to store information as sensitive as our databases and documents just anywhere on the internet. Saving our backup with a trusted partner has a huge added value.

Stefan Verbruggen, network and system administrator at LUCA School of Arts 

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