eduroam: worldwide wireless and safe surfing

eduroam (educational roaming) is wireless and secure access to connect to other institutions of higher education and research worldwide.

Simplified access management to your WiFi network

Would you like to offer greater mobility to your users? Would you like a worldwide connected service that is secure, simple and easy to administrate?

Belnet's eduroam (educational roaming) service meets your needs with secure wireless access to connect your partner institution users.

In addition, as network manager you manage the accounts and access to your internal Wi-Fi network and at all times control the people active on your network.

eduroam, the response to national and international mobility

Researchers, teachers and students are working internationally more and more. To respond to this growing mobility, eduroam was created in 2006. The service offers users simple and secure access to the wireless network of their own organisation as well as the network of other organisations.



The service offers added value to users who regularly commute between several institutions. One username and password is sufficient to get to work!

Increased mobility

Wireless access to the internet, simple and secure, even from other institutions in Belgium and abroad

Easy registration

A single account for each user, which lightens your administration


Your own management of user accounts and access rights

You maintain control of your users' data. You determine the access rights for your network.
You manage your configuration using a web interface.

Cost savings

eduroam is available to Belnet users at no additional cost.

eduroam explained in a video

pictures of 3 students discussing with their phones in their hands

Today, registration and management of internet access rights for students and personnel requires much less work.

Andres Henckens, Network Manager, UHasselt

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