Belnet Leased Line

Belnet Leased Line: effective end-to-end connectivity

The Belnet Leased Line (BLL) service seeks the most appropriate leased line for your higher education or research institution or your administrative office.

Would you like to save time? Do you prefer to devote your resources to important projects? Are you wondering what is the most appropriate leased line?

To connect to Belnet and the internet, you need a connection line. Entrust management of your end-to-end connectivity to Belnet. We look out for the most appropriate leased line for your organisation to an access port on the Belnet network.

Worry-free connectivity

Belnet services begin as soon as you are connected to the network. We help you connect to our network and set up monitoring to guarantee high performance and continuously available connectivity.

Multiple benefits

Technical expertise

Benefit from our extensive experience in implementing complex technical solutions (such as redundant and secure connections)

An effective approach

Belnet is your single point of contact. We take responsibility for every step, such as billing, support and maintenance. You don't have to worry about anything!

Quality guarantee

Thanks to its provision of quality services, simplicity of implementation and high availability, BLL is the ideal solution for existing and future services.

Cost savings

By choosing BLL, you reduce the number of steps as well as the costs, compared to offers from other telecom operators. We choose the solution offering the best value for the money.

Are you looking for more administrative and technical information? Visit our knowledge base.

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