First step in Belnet's new connectivity strategy successfully completed

Rosy Pauwels

Marketing @ Belnet
Fri, 03/18/2022 - 13:10
A new dynamic procurement system that went into operation in June 2021 facilitates the search for the most suitable leased line to a gateway on the Belnet network. In addition, Belnet has launched a new framework agreement for WAN connectivity in order to connect and provide connectivity to the various federal sites as efficiently as possible.

Belnet has translated its ambition to position itself as the connectivity partner of choice for Belgium's higher education and research institutions, public sector and federal government services into a new connectivity strategy. To this end, we issued a call for tender early this year consisting of 2 lots: a first lot for the Belnet Leased Lines and a second lot for the WAN network infrastructure for the federal government administrations.

A new, improved procurement system for Belnet Leased Lines

The first lot, which ensures the continuation of the dynamic procurement system that Belnet put in place in 2021, has now been completed and ensures that the request for new Belnet Leased Lines or the renewal of existing BLLs is more efficient. This technology within government procurement legislation allows us to reduce lead times and better meet our customers' needs.

Why choose a Belnet Leased Line?
  • With Belnet, you are choosing quality. Our connections are high-performance and are constantly monitored, allowing us to take proactive action to avoid incidents.
  • Belnet has years of experience in implementing redundant and secure connections.
  • You won't have to worry about a thing anymore. We take care of the connection to the Belnet network, monitoring, maintenance and billing.
  • Thanks to a market survey, we can offer you the leased line with the best value for money.

A new framework agreement for WAN connectivity

Connectivity for federal Wide Area Networks (WANs) will be addressed by Belnet later this year with a new framework agreement with a single contractor, who will be our partner for five years.

We are currently in the candidacy phase for this. Once the application deadline has passed, candidates will be evaluated using predetermined selection criteria. Afterwards, the retained candidates will be invited to submit a bid that meets specific (technical) requirements. After another evaluation, this time using award criteria, the candidate with the best bid will be awarded the contract for the next five years.

We are aiming to have this procedure completed by the end of August. More details will follow in one of our subsequent newsletters.

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