Belnet Threat Intelligence

Get ahead of potential threats

Belnet Threat Intelligence allows Belnet to offer connected organisations an automatic service for proactively reporting potential threats and vulnerabilities in your information systems.

Are your information systems sufficiently armed against all types of threat? How can you constantly monitor all the accesses that can be used by cybercriminals? Are your information systems currently vulnerable?

Belnet Threat Intelligence provides a first level of security through the advanced, proactive detection of a wide variety of potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Advanced detection of a wide variety of potential threats and vulnerabilities

Belnet Threat Intelligence is an effective first level of security that sends you notifications as soon as a potential threat or vulnerability is detected.

This reporting system is more comprehensive than a simple ticket and covers a wide range of potential threats. For example, it can alert you to possible botnet infections, Open recursive DNS resolver problems, or permeability problems in your LDAP, Telnet, or Microsoft SQL servers.

For this tool, Belnet is drawing on its collaboration with the CCB (Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium), which regularly scans the Internet to identify the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

Choose your reporting channel

You will receive the Belnet Threat intelligence information via a ticket (with a corresponding email) or you can retrieve the information yourself via an API.

For more information on the last option, you can contact us via or by calling 02 790 33 00.



You automatically receive information about a threat or vulnerability in your information systems.

Cost savings

If your organisation is connected to the Belnet network, you receive Belnet Threat Intelligence automatically and at no extra cost.


You select the reporting channel according to your requirements.

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