TNC 2024: Would you like some more AI?

Laetitia Lagneau
Laetitia Lagneau Head of Marketing and Communication @ Belnet
Wed, 06/26/2024 - 08:54

In the ever-changing landscape of digital infrastructures, it's essential to keep abreast of the latest developments. One of the key events in this field is the TNC conference.

Once again this year, the conference brought together more than 840 professionals from the research and education network community to discuss advances, share knowledge and collaborate on future projects. Among the many presentations and lightning talks, Belnet's FedSender service took pride of place. 

The art of failing brilliantly

In today's digital world, where even your laptop is the first to point out your mistakes, Paul Iske, who opened this year's TNC, reminded us that it is from mistakes that the most brilliant innovations are born. And it's probably not for nothing that this year's theme was unquestionably artificial intelligence in all its forms. From networks and security to communications and human resources, artificial intelligence was at the heart of many presentations and discussions.

The FedSender story

The 2024 edition offered Belnet the opportunity to present the FedSender project during a Lightning Talk. Largely inspired by FileSender, designed to transfer large quantities of data within the research and education community, FedSender has been available to Belgian public administrations since 2020. We took a closer look at the genesis of the service and the challenges we face.

An opening to the outside world

The TNC conference is a vital event for the research and education networking community, but it is also a window on the outside world. Belnet's presentation of FedSender highlights the ongoing efforts to build bridges between all communities. Today and in the future, platforms born within the R&E community such as FileSender or eduroam will undoubtedly play a crucial role in improving the capabilities of citizen services, ensuring that they remain secure, efficient and effective.

"See you next year"

TNC closed as it had opened, with a sense that the achievements of our community, both past and future, will reach far beyond the boundaries of the world of research and education and benefit society as a whole. In the coming months, many more innovative projects will be launched, promising an excellent programme for TNC 2025, which will be held in Brighton from 9 to 13 June.


Laetitia Lagneau
Laetitia Lagneau Head of Marketing and Communication @ Belnet

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