A closer look at Common European Data Spaces

Davina Luyten

Communications Officer @ Belnet
Wed, 01/10/2024 - 08:39

Belnet plays an active role in the EOSC ecosystem (European Open Science Cloud). As mandated organisation for EOSC, Belnet represents and supports the Belgian R&E community on an international level. In addition, Belnet has a leading role in the EOSC Focus project which supports the EOSC Partnership in its mission to make Open Science the new standard.

Since Data Spaces are of importance for EOSC, the EOSC Focus project team elaborated a report on Common European Data Spaces under the responsibility of Belnet. Data Spaces bring together relevant data infrastructures and governance frameworks in order to facilitate data pooling (combining data sets from different sources) and data sharing in a transparent and FAIR way. Furthermore, they improve the availability, quality and interoperability of data – both in domain-specific settings and across sectors.

To make use of the value of data for the benefit of the European economy and society, the European Commission supports the development of so-called “Common European Data Spaces” in strategic economic sectors and domains of public interest, such as e.g. health, agriculture, energy, mobility, green deal, cultural heritage, and also EOSC itself. The goal of EU-wide common, interoperable Data Spaces in strategic sectors is to overcome existing legal and technical barriers for data sharing and, as such, to unleash the enormous potential of data-driven innovation.

“With this comprehensive overview of the Common European Data Spaces, we aim to give guidance to everybody who has interest in the Data Spaces, ranging from the newcomer who wants to understand the world of Data Spaces to the organisations that wish to play a role in the development of the Data Spaces, to the policy makers who decide on the direction and next steps to support them. We are convinced that this report provides also useful insights for the Belgian R&E community.”

Friederike Schröder-Pander, member of the EOSC Focus project team, Belnet

In this report, you can dive into the current status of the Common European Data Spaces. You’ll find more about the basis, the concepts, the key features and design principles, the technical and legislative frameworks of the Common European Data Spaces and the funding available. Furthermore, the document offers an overview of the 14 Common European Data Spaces that were under development at the moment of writing.

The document also contains a chapter dedicated to “EOSC and the Data Spaces”. EOSC as a Data Space is discussed as well as the current collaborations with other Common European Data Spaces. Our conclusions, based on analysis and research during the last months, conclude the document.

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