Become a Service Provider in the Belnet R&E Federation

Lagneau Laetitia

Team Manager Marketing and Communication @ Belnet
Tue, 10/26/2021 - 11:36

For almost 10 years, the Belnet R&E Federation has been bringing together higher education and research institutions connected to the Belnet network in a common infrastructure to provide students, researchers and employees with access to online services.

Did you know that as a Belnet customer you can also give access to some of your online services or resources to members of the Belnet R&E Federation, whether or not you are a Federation user yourself?

Research and Higher Education

You are a university, a college or a research centre and students or professors from other universities or colleges need access to some of your online services or resources? It is possible for you to become a Service Provider in the Federation. Users from other institutions will then only have to use their own institution's login details to access them. This will make it much easier for you to manage access and increase the use of your services or resources. Authentication via the Federation ensures that only users who are authorised to use your services or resources have access to them.

Public services and private sector

Are you a public or private organisation that wants to make your online services and resources more accessible to students or researchers? You can also become a Service Provider in the Belnet R&E Federation even if you are not connected to the Belnet network.


A quick reminder of how the Belnet R&E Federation works

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