Belnet customers are the most enthusiastic about good service

Rosy Pauwels

Marketing @ Belnet
Thu, 04/14/2022 - 14:04

As a service organisation, Belnet places great importance on quality and customer satisfaction. In order to closely monitor this satisfaction, we will measure our Net Promoter Score (NPS) on a regular basis from now on. The February NPS survey has already attracted a considerable number of responses.

During the month of February, we asked you via an online survey to what extent you would recommend Belnet to other organisations and why. We also asked you what else we could improve to enhance your customer experience. In total, we received 84 responses, of which we were able to retain 81. These 81 respondents represented 65 different organisations. The number of respondents per language was more or less the same, with 38 Dutch-speaking respondents and 43 French-speaking respondents. Respondents nicely represented the various Belnet communities: research, higher education, government services, arts & culture and hospitals.

Results Belnet NPS 2022

Results Belnet NPS 2022

Belnet achieved an NPS of +42, which is the percentage of promoters minus the percentage of critics. An NPS between +30 and +70 can be considered a great score. It indicates that Belnet is doing well and has many more satisfied than dissatisfied customers. Across the different communities, we see that half of our customers are very enthusiastic about Belnet. Belnet customers are the most satisfied with the good service, the quality of Belnet services and the stability of the network. For a low score, the following reasons were most often given: a non-competitive price (3x), a slow response to tickets (2x) and communication to the customer that could be improved (2x).

The points for improvement that you cited are mainly in the area of communication (14x) and support (11x). As regards communication, you mainly expect faster (2x) and more transparent (4x) communication in the event of incidents, more opportunities for contact (3x) and better management of our contact lists (2x). In terms of support, you indicated that the service desk could be improved (3x) and that we need to respond more quickly to tickets and during network outages (2x). Furthermore, some respondents indicated that they would like a better tool for tickets and requests (2x) and a more transparent price list (2x). 10 respondents indicated that they had no points for improvement and that Belnet should continue as it is.

Some of the areas for improvement cited are already being worked on, such as incident communication and the management of our contact lists. Of course, we will also take the remaining feedback on board and will further develop it into concrete improvement actions. We aim to ensure and improve customer satisfaction and achieve an even higher score in the next NPS survey this way.

Do you have any suggestions for improvement or is something not going as expected? Please speak to your account manager or share your feedback with us using the contact form.
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