NPS survey results 2023: An increase in overall customer loyalty

Rosy Pauwels

Marketing @ Belnet
Wed, 01/24/2024 - 10:29
During the month of October, we asked our customers via an online survey to what extent they would recommend Belnet to other organisations and why. We also asked what they appreciate most and least about Belnet and what we can still improve to enhance their customer experience.


We received a total of 54 responses. These 54 respondents represent 46 different organisations. The number of respondents per language was the same, with 27 Dutch-speaking respondents and 27 French-speaking respondents. The respondents represented our various communities well: Research & Education, Federal and Public Services. 

Higher customer loyalty 

Belnet achieved an NPS of +50, which is the percentage of promoters minus the percentage of detractors. The NPS is considered a measure of customer loyalty, and a score of 50 or more can be considered a great score. It indicates that Belnet is doing well and has many more ambassadors (57.41%) than dissatisfied customers (7.41%). Compared to last year's NPS survey, Belnet's NPS rose by 8 points due to a 7% increase in promoters and a 1% decrease in detractors. 

57% of our customers are very enthusiastic about Belnet and can be considered ambassadors. Belnet customers are most satisfied with the Belnet network stability's and Internet connectivity, followed by our service/support. Furthermore, our expertise, interesting services on top of connectivity and our focus on security are also appreciated. 

Our customers are least satisfied with communication. In particular, less personal contact, information on new services and insufficient information flow were cited by several respondents. Several participants are also dissatisfied with our prices, our service offerings and our response to incidents. 

Points for improvement 

The points for improvement that our customers cited are mainly in the area of communication, support, tools and service offering. 

In terms of communication, they expect, among others, better communication about our services and prices, an improvement in automatic notifications and greater interaction with the customer, for instance in the development of new services. 

In terms of support, they expect more individual follow-up, a dedicated technical contact and greater transparency when working with subcontractors. 

In terms of tools, improving the ticketing system, portal and DNS management interface are on their wish list. Finally, the service offering should be more LEAN and certain basic services should be offered at no additional cost. 

Thank you to all the customers who provided feedback! We are proud of this result and will work on the points for improvement, so we can offer you an even better customer experience in 2024.

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