Promote the use of FileSender among your employees and students with our brand new video

Rosy Pauwels

Marketing @ Belnet
Wed, 03/24/2021 - 10:45

Belnet set up FileSender a few years ago to meet the demand from universities, colleges and research centres for the ability to share research data quickly and securely. Our new video introduces your users to all the benefits of the service in one minute.

FileSender is a simple and secure web application that allows you to send very large files up to 5 terabytes. FileSender is available free of charge to staff and students at the Belgian colleges, universities and research institutes connected to Belnet. The registration and authorisation takes place via the Belnet R&E Federation.


With FileSender, you decide who has access to your files and for how long. A user can also give others (temporary) access to the service through a voucher system. Files are automatically and completely deleted after the set download period. FileSender is managed by Belnet and the files are stored on our own servers in Belgium. The service does not store any personal data except for the information required for the transmission itself, this being the e-mail address and IP address. In addition, files of up to 2 gigabytes can be encrypted. All of this makes FileSender highly suitable for sending sensitive files.

Video for end-users

We have made a short explainer video to promote the use of FileSender among your colleagues and students. This is available in Dutch, French and English and is easy to download from the FileSender service page on our website or via the download button at the bottom of this article.

Your feedback is valuable

Would you like Belnet to develop other tools to raise awareness of its services and their usage among your end users? Share your suggestions via the end-user communication tools form.

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