Belnet Advanced Mail Security

More than just an anti-spam solution

With Belnet Advanced Mail Security (BAMS), Belnet offers the public sector and research and educational institutions a robust anti-spam and anti-virus solution for the tailor-made filtering of your end-users' email traffic.

Is too much spam and malware flooding your users' mailboxes? Are you overwhelmed by the new forms of fraudulent emails and do you want to neutralise them more effectively?

BAMS is a smart solution that will allow the in-depth filtering of all the files and emails of your institution. In addition to blocking 99% of spam, new forms of virus such as phishing attacks, malware and other fraudulent content (ransomware) will be easily identified and analysed to ensure up-to-date and dynamic protection.

For this tool, Belnet chose Fortinet, a trusted supplier and a benchmark in the world of security solutions. The result is a tool with optimised performance and extensive functionalities.

Neutralise all threats with state-of-the-art technology

BAMS is a complete solution with a large number of functionalities in addition to basic services such as multi-layer anti-spam and a powerful 'anti-malware'. Sandbox analysis', 'Virus outbreak protection', 'Impersonation detection' and 'Identity-based email encryption' are just a few examples that will allow you to tailor protection to the users in your institution.


Cost savings

A framework contract means that Belnet can guarantee one of the best prices on the market. Furthermore, your interface is deployed at Belnet, so you don't have to worry about buying and maintaining additional hardware.

Optimal protection of your data

Robust data loss prevention, identity-based email encryption and archiving help prevent the accidental loss of sensitive information and maintain compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, GDPR and more.

Customised interface and reporting

You have a virtual machine that you can set up according to your specific needs. It allows you to configure the dashboard for your entire institution to provide in-depth analysis (in real time or offline) for each of your end-users.

Did you know?

It has been proven that reducing digital pollution has a direct influence on our environment. One polluting factor is the large number of emails we send and receive every day.

In 2019, Safeonweb counted 1,700,000 suspicious messages (spam, phishing and ransomware) reported by Internet users in Belgium. This exponential number represents significant pollution for our planet. 

Using BAMS is one of the most effective ways to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your digital activities by neutralising spam and malware on a daily basis.

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