Michel Taverne from the Senate of Belgium provides a great summary of the qualities of Belnet Advanced Mail Security

Rosy Pauwels

Marketing @ Belnet
Wed, 01/27/2021 - 13:21

As well as providing basic services, such as a multi-layer anti-spam application and a powerful anti-malware solution, Belnet Advanced Mail Security (BAMS) also offers a lot of new functionalities, including virus outbreak protection, sandbox analysis and identity-based encryption. What is more, generating reports, consulting real-time dashboards and managing the various settings of BAMS by means of a user-friendly web interface are simplicity itself.

In June 2020, Belnet announced its intention to replace its anti-spam solution, Antispam Pro, also known under the name of CanIT, with Belnet Advanced Mail Security. The reason for replacing it was that CanIT was no longer supported and no longer fulfilled the expectations that apply nowadays. Belnet decided to build in a test period, known as a proof of concept, in which customers and interested parties could try out the new e-mail security service BAMS for a period of one month.

Michel Taverne, System Engineer in the ICT department of the Senate of Belgium, took part in that proof of concept and found it very useful: “The Senate decided to switch to BAMS, as our previous anti-spam product, CanIT, had become outdated and was not protecting our e-mail environment as effectively. The support contract also expired in December 2020. Ultimately, we also had to upgrade our internal mail servers to a more recent version. At first, Fortimail appeared difficult to set up, as it includes a lot of options and functionalities. It was also a matter of getting used to the new interface and the logic that forms the basis of the product.” For that reason, Michel was also very content with the professional support that he received from the Belnet support team during the implementation of BAMS. “Erik and Mingming were highly capable and accessible and it is partly thanks to their support that the implementation went smoothly and without any problems.”

In Michel's view, the most outstanding qualities of BAMS are its user-friendly interface, along with the larger number of management capabilities it offers, and its flexibility. “But the new functionalities provided, such as URL filtering, sandboxing and identity-based encryption, together with its efficient reporting, also feature among its plus points. Troubleshooting problems has now also become easier and more efficient.”

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