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20 Oct. 2023

The dangers of public Wi-Fi networks

Public Wi-Fi networks can be found everywhere. From airports and restaurants to hotel rooms and libraries, you name it. Using these free Wi-Fi hotspots is very convenient. They allow you to access your online accounts for free, quickly check your e-mails or continue working on a project. However, these networks are far from perfect and make you vulnerable to potential cyber attacks.
18 Oct. 2023

Inside the mind of a hacker: our colleagues get to work with social engineering techniques

October is cybersecurity month and this did not go unnoticed within Belnet either. To make our colleagues aware of the dangers of social engineering, we have already organised the 'Piece of Cake' role-playing game developed by our colleagues from the Swiss research and education network SWITCH several times in recent months.
1 Oct. 2023

Cybercrime for newbies: a four-part video series on information security

Throughout October, we are paying extra attention to information security. Belnet is actively supporting GÉANT's annual Cyber Security Month campaign. This year's topics include online privacy, phishing, social engineering and ransomware. In a playful four-part video series, we follow Granny Smith, a retired lady who has found a side income in cybercrime.
27 Sep. 2023

Are you also taking part in the European Cybersecurity Month?

October is just around the corner and, as usual, that means paying extra attention to information security. European Cybersecurity Month is THE opportunity to inform and raise awareness among your colleagues and end-users and turn them into true cyber heroes. Still looking for inspiration or ready-to-use communication material? Keep an eye on the GÉANT website!
13 Sep. 2023

Interview with Chris De Loof on Belnet’s role as a Belgian mandated organisation for EOSC

In 2020 Belnet was appointed as the Mandated Organisation (MO) in Belgium for EOSC-A. The Mandated Organisation plays an important role in both facilitating the development of EOSC in the country as in representing and supporting the national research community on an international level. Belnet is the Belgian National Research and Education Network (NREN), which means Belnet provides the physical connections to the EOSC ecosystem, but is not a research funding organisation or a research performing organisation itself. In this interview we find out in what ways Belnet represents the needs of the research community in Belgium, how they engage with this community and which strengths and challenges the organisation detects when talking about the EOSC developments in Belgium.
24 Aug. 2023

"Belnet has always been the player of choice that offers us an infrastructure with very high performance"

The general IT service at the University of Liège (ULiège) (Service Général d'Informatique de l'Université de Liège, SEGI) is responsible for the proper functioning of the IT infrastructure and systems for ULiège, as well as for the CHU (Centre hospitalier universitaire de Liège). Belnet spoke with Julien Del Peso, NOC/SOC manager at the SEGI, about the IT challenges at ULiège and the historical collaboration between Belnet and the university.

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