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Thu, 03/25/2021 - 11:10

Is your organisation involved in the research or academic sector? Then, it could enjoy the many benefits offered by the framework agreements of the OCRE Cloud Catalogue. For more information, here is an overview of the offer available from each provider.


Launched on 29 January 2019, the OCRE project supports the research sector across Europe by providing simplified access to an extended range of commercial Cloud services. 

For Belgium, this offer comprises 12 providers and covers services such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and EO. The brands presented have data centres based in Europe or the United States. OCRE therefore makes it possible to offer many pricing benefits over a wide range of Cloud products. For more information, here is an overview of the offer available from each provider:

Suppliers offering American hyperscalers

Rackspace, supplier of AWS:

Rackspace Technology is a provider based in the United States specialising in AWS multi-cloud products. In addition to extensive experience and expertise, it provides a wide range of support for all AWS products. It is also compatible with CloudHealth for all contracts. Find more information using OCRE & Rackspace.

Bechtle, supplier of Microsoft Azure:

Bechtle is a company based primarily in Germany which enables you to benefit from the entire range of Microsoft Azure products. There are many possible discounts (ExpressRoute, Data egress waiver, support, etc.). Visit the OCRE Azure web page or ask the pdf for the OCRE Microsoft Offer.

SoftwareOne, supplier of IBM:

This company is one of the market leaders for providing software and cloud solutions to the education sector. It offers many open source solutions and many security options. Discover the benefits using SoftwareOne website.

Sparkle, supplier of Google:

Sparkle, the Google Cloud integrator, offers an exemption from data egress costs and many other advantages across a whole range of services associated with Google. Find more information on Cloud Tisparkle.

Quistor, supplier of Oracle:

This company, based mainly in the Netherlands, is the exclusive reseller of Oracle products. It offers discounts on Oracle’s IaaS and PaaS services. For more details about the benefits, ask for the presentation PDF and visit the Quistor website. 

Suppliers offering European Cloud services 

Bechtle, supplier of Ionos:

Bechtle is also the preferred partner for Ionos products with the Bechtle Ionos Cloud, a product Made In Germany. Ionos Cloud is the European leader in Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Services and hosting services. Find out more information on OCRE Ionos.

T-Systems :

The German operator Telekom has the benefit of data centres in Europe. Among the many benefits offered, there are no additional data transfer costs. Discover the many options using Open Telekom Cloud

Safespring :

The Scandinavian operator has long-standing experience in delivering Cloud services to research and education organisations. In addition to the discounts on offer, the data centres are based in Europe and there are no added data transfer costs. Full details of the offer are available using OCRE Safespring.

VSHN, supplier of Exoscale:

The German company VSHN is the official provider of Exoscale cloud computing products. This includes Exoscale infrastructure services (IaaS: calculation, storage, networking), VSHN container platform services (CaaS/PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS). To discover all the benefits of this provider, click on OCRE VSHN.


CloudFerro serves scientific research. Through OCRE, scientists can now use the cloud computing services provided on the CREODIAS platform and they also receive free access to over 20 PB of Earth observation data from the Copernicus programme. For more details on this EO service, visit this page: OCRE CloudFerro


The Croatian provider Setcor offers a variety of Cloud services such as Setcor Infrastructure, Software as a Service, Setcor Security and Public Cloud. In addition to the fact that their data centres are located in Europe, there are no additional data transfer costs. Discover all the benefits of Setcor on their website.


The Swiss provider CloudSigma is one of the European leaders in IaaS. Their infrastructures are spread across 5 European sites which form a global network connected directly to GÉANT and DE-CIX. To discover their offers and the benefits awarded, click on IaaS CloudSigma.


Orange Business Services offers its worldwide public cloud platform: Flexible Engine. In addition to its cloud infrastructure, there is a whole range of integrated services to help the R&E community. For more details on the benefits offered, click this link: OCRE Orange.

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