24 Aug. 2023

"Belnet has always been the player of choice that offers us an infrastructure with very high performance"

The general IT service at the University of Liège (ULiège) (Service Général d'Informatique de l'Université de Liège, SEGI) is responsible for the proper functioning of the IT infrastructure and systems for ULiège, as well as for the CHU (Centre hospitalier universitaire de Liège). Belnet spoke with Julien Del Peso, NOC/SOC manager at the SEGI, about the IT challenges at ULiège and the historical collaboration between Belnet and the university.
24 Nov. 2023

A day in the life of … a security analyst at Belnet

In the dynamic world of cybersecurity, each day presents a new set of challenges. Are you curious about what the job of a security analyst at Belnet entails? Our colleague Benjamin Baugnies gives you a glimpse into his daily routine, showcasing the variation in his work, the collaboration involved, and the commitment to securing our infrastructure.
23 Nov. 2023

Colleague Joy enthusiastic about her onboarding at Belnet

After three months, we were curious to know how our colleague Joy has since worked her way through her new job at Belnet. We talked to her to find out how she felt on her first day at work, what her job entails in concrete terms and what she would recommend to future applicants. Curious about her first impressions and experiences? Then be sure to read on!
26 May. 2023

Why FileSender is a crucial service for VIB’s researchers in life sciences and biotechnology

The Flemish Institute for Biotechnology (VIB) is a non-profit research institute, with a clear focus on groundbreaking strategic basic research in life sciences and operates in close partnership with the five universities in Flanders. Scientists at VIB conduct pioneering research across a wide spectrum of disciplines ranging from cancer, inflammation and neuroscience to plant biology. To exchange huge amounts of data with the scientists of the different VIB labs and other academic researchers, the organisation makes extensive use of Belnet FileSender. We spoke to Marcus Fislage, Cryo-EM manager at VIB/VUB.
20 Mar. 2023

Cloud services mitigate data losses in Ukraine

After Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, the demand for virtual machines by URAN’s user organisations, the Ukrainian NREN, grew exponentially driven by the need to prevent data loss from the possible destruction of the physical infrastructure. Numerous universities were able to take advantage of the free cloud services offered by URAN, but the increased demand led to an unforeseen crisis caused by disk storage overload in the NREN’s data centre.

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